RE-DYE a Limo or Landau Roof the EASY Way!


1980 Lincoln Continental Nine Passenger Limousine

1980 Lincoln Continental Nine Passenger Limousine

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Well, if you own a Limo company, an old personal use Limo or even an older Cadillac or Lincoln, chances are that you also own a lot of sun faded vinyl or cloth on your top(s). It can be a very daunting and discouraging thought if it looks like replacing that big top is the only option, not to mention very expensive! Don’t worry though—you don’t have to replace it to make it look good! You can easily make it look brand new these days with DIY kits from Renovo and Forever Black.

IF THE TOP IS FABRIC, Renovo makes a RE-DYE kit for fabric tops in 5 different colors: Black, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Blue and Burgundy. These kits even give you the option of changing the color of the fabric in many cases! If your top is VINYL, you may have two options available to you. Most of the time, the reason an older vinyl top looks dull and drab isn’t because of the vinyl or the sun! It is because years of “treatments” with everything imaginable—and I really mean, UNIMAGINABLE! Layers and layers of this old stuff build up. These need to be removed and the fresh vinyl underneath exposed again.


We have had Limos roll in with cloth tops full of paint, shoe polish, RIT dye, Scotch Guard, lipstick, silicone, Carnauba wax (from a million car washes) and some other really weird home remedies! All this crap needs to be removed and, removed safely to determine what the next step should be.


IF THE TOP IS FABRIC, what you should consider is Renovo’s Soft Top Canvas Cleaner. This is a water-based cleaner that works like magic to remove stains and years of layer-after-layer treatments. It actually gets the fabric back to a “virgin” state so that the surface can be evaluated properly. Most times, by removing all the discolored “crap”, your original color returns by two or three shades of richness. If the surface is still faded from years of UV damage from the sun, at least now you have a clean fabric to work with and you can easily RE-DYE it with Renovo’s Reviver Soft Top Dye! Then, a quick coat of Renovo’s Ultra Proofer seals the color in and protects it against future fading from the sun! It also prevents things like sap and bird crap from penetrating the fabric, making it hard to remove.


IF THE TOP IS VINYL, you may have two choices! A first solution would be Renovo’s VINYL Top Cleaner to remove layers of Armor All etc. If that does the trick, all you then need to do is to apply Renovo’s Vinyl Top Protectant to seal the top and protect it from further fading and oxidation.


If your top still looks tired and faded after using this cleaner and IF THE VINYL TOP IS BLACK—you can use a fabulous product called Forever Black, BLACK TOP. It is an amazing product that actually lays down a fresh black surface dye that lasts through 50 washes! It only comes in black, but it absolutely creates a fresh black top! It also comes in gallon jugs which are inexpensive and more practical for large surfaces than buying the kits.


So, there you go, no matter what your top is made of, you can make it look fresh and new for a fraction of the cost of replacing it! Use the Renovo products here, and you’re good for a couple or three decades. The kits are an especially good solution because they contain everything you need to follow the drill above. Kit A has Renovo Plastic Polish, too, so you can keep your plastic rear view window as transparent as the day it was born! You can read all about that, hereAll the great and innovative products mentioned here are available from Top Renew! Order online or call toll-free at 1-888-697-0089.


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