New Site for Convertible Tops and Canvas Boat Tops

Hello everybody,


WE ARE BACK ! As some of you may know, I have created a brand new website and during the construction, this blog was silent. The new site is and takes over from  and


Our new site is still dedicated to helping you care for your convertible car or your canvas boat tops. Our featured product line is RENOVO from the UK and has been the #1 seller in canvas care in Europe for over ten years now. All canvas is not created equal as we will teach you in future articles and very special care must be taken to keep it looking great and healthy.


If you own a Saab, Corvette, BMW, Porsche or any other convertible car this site will show you the best way to care for your “baby”! If you own a pontoon boat, a bow rider, motor yacht,  convertible fishing boat or one of a million other boats, we will be showing you the best and recommended methods and products to keep it looking sharp!


What is the best product to clean a stained boat top? What is the best product to waterproof a leaking convertible top? Is it possible to dye or re-color a canvas car or boat top? Many, many more questions like these will be answered in the coming days and months! We are the Canvas Experts and can answer any of your questions. Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by spiffing up your existing canvas rather than buying expensive new canvas or car tops.


I will be covering topics like;

  • How to properly re-waterproof a top.
  • How to remove mould and mildew from canvas
  • How can a “non-expert” re-color a canvas top?
  • What can be done about scratched, cloudy plastic windows?
  • What about tree sap and generous seagull offerings?
  • How can I seal my convertible top?
  • How can I protect my boat or car top from UV rays?
  • How can I make my bumpers and trim truly BLACK again?


Our company, Top Renew will be happy to answer any of your canvas care questions. Just call Toll Free 1-888-697-0089 anytime and ask for me, Bob. I will give you solutions for almost any canvas and convertible top problems. We are based in North America on the West Coast and any products that we sell will be promptly delivered within 5 days, anywhere!


That’s it for this first blog edition of our new website You are welcome to visit the site any time to see the latest installments of great wisdom from me—


—Soft Top Bobby