Forever Black for Tires, Bumpers, Plastic Trim, Truck Bed Liners and Black Vinyl Convertible Tops


Forever Car Care™ Products: the latest addition to our lineup!

Forever Car Care™ Products: the latest addition to our lineup!

Hello Everybody!


Well, we are back and looking forward to a fall and winter of great articles to help you winterize and maintain your convertible car or your boat`s canvas and upholstery!


As you may or may not know, we are the Exclusive distributors of two of the finest product lines on the planet. We have often talked about Renovo products from the UK. Renovo makes an “exotic-car quality” line of safe, water-based detailing products that do everything your canvas needs. We even had a F-430 Ferrari owner this year who chose Renovo to re-color his faded top! There will be more about Renovo in articles to come.


A product line that we have recently started importing is Forever Black™!


We did an awful lot of long term testing on other products like Mothers® Back-to-Black®, Meguire’s Endurance®, Wipe New™, and others. We tested all the products on old truck bed liners, ratty faded bumpers and trim, totally gray sun-faded tires, and a couple of old black Mustang vinyl tops. Boy—it wasn’t even close ! The Forever Black treated stuff is STILL BLACK after six months, while all the other products have gone gray again!


You see, Forever Black is an actual polymer dye and not just a cheap surface cover-up like the rest! It is the same dye that the manufacturers use when they are making their trim and bumpers in the first place!


You might think that anything this effective must be messy and goopy to apply. WRONG! Each product comes with a well thought out and effective applicator that makes application a breeze. The Bumper and Trim bottle, for instance, has a foam applicator like a shoe polish bottle and it is very easy to apply the stuff like a true professional.


So—in a nutshell:


If it is BLACK: plastic, vinyl, or rubber-like upholstery, convertible top, bumpers, trim, truck bed liners or tires, and you want to make it look absolutely Brand New again—Forever Black is your solution! OH!—and this is not just for car stuff, it works just as well on boat bumpers, seats, and dash boards, etc. Seriously, give this stuff a try, you will be amazed! For even more Forever Care Care Products, check out the Forever Black website!


That’s it for now but we will be back real soon with some great tips!


Let’s play cars!


–Soft Top Bobby