Winterize a Corvette, Porsche, BMW, Audi or any Convertible Car or Boat


Renovo Toprenew's Signature Corvette

Renovo Toprenew’s Signature Corvette

Hello Everybody!


Well, it is nearly Christmas so—a big Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope this Christmas leaves you with some great memories, maybe a new friend or two, and of course, an extra pound to worry about! HA!


We put away our signature car, a red 2002 Corvette roadster, for the cold Canadian winter. Boy, I don’t know if you have ever tried to drive a Corvette in cold weather or not but—they REALLY HATE IT!!! Man, when you start it in cold weather, every idiot darn dashboard light known to man comes on. Track control—ABS failure—washer fluid—oil pressure—and of course, it tells you that all your tires are flat and so you are going nowhere!


And don’t forget the way cold weather aggravates the small-block Chevy engine clatter! It sounds as though the valves are all changing holes! So, it is best to put the fussy little thang down for the duration.


I know that there are a million blogs out there about how to put a car away for storage periods, but here is the simple, step by step method that we use.


First, find a good safe place with a roof and power. If it is heated, even better!


  • Inflate all tires to 5 lbs. over your normal running pressure. (Don’t worry about the spare! HA!)


  • Clean the exterior of any visible dirt and grime, especially road salt.


  • If your car has a cloth convertible top, give the top a winter coat of Renovo Ultra Proofer. This great stuff will re-waterproof it for spring, build up the UV protection and, most importantly, lay down a very serious mold and mildew inhibitor so that you can be sure that that crap doesn’t grow while your baby is under wraps!


  • If your car is a convertible but the top is vinyl, clean the top well with Renovo Vinyl Cleaner. Next, apply a coat of Renovo Vinyl Ultra Proofer. It does most of the same stuff that the Ultra Proofer for cloth does but it doesn’t contain waterproofer because vinyl IS waterproof unless it is cracked.




  • Clean and polish all of your lenses including your headlights, side markers and tail lights. They should all be given a “refresh” with a good cleaner/polish like Renovo Plastic Window Polish.


  • If you have a plastic rear window—give it a good Renovo Plastic Window Polish inside and out. You won’t believe how that window look if you haven’t done this for a while—or ever!


  • Take your mats out, clean them and give all the carpet a thorough vacuuming. Don’t forget the trunk. And don’t forget to replace the mats!


  • Now, clean all of your glass. We use a product called Invisible Glass, by Stoner, because it is awesome! But use anything that works for you.


  • Open your glove compartment and console and remove all the unnecessary CRAP that grows there. Things like broken sunglasses, golf tees, old insurance papers, candy bars—you know the stuff! You just don’t need to attract mice or other rodents looking for a winter cottage.


  • Now comes an important thing that lots of people don’t know about: moisture protection! When a car is all bundled up, moisture can build up inside. This is not only bad for your carpets and leather, it is also bad for your electronics. We always put a very simple product inside called Dri-Z-Air® . You can use anything containing calcium chloride (you know, those little bags of stuff you get in all boxes containing electronics and pills?) Dri-Z-Air® comes with a neat little bag of calcium chloride and a suspended holder. This little gizmo both holds the calcium chloride and provides a receptacle  to catch the moisture it extracts.


  • Last thing inside—give all of your leather upholstery a REALLY good bath with a good leather conditioner. We use Meguiar’s  Gold Class™ Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner. Get the one in the spray bottle, not the paste. This stuff goes on easy, penetrates extremely well and doesn’t leave a thick goopy residue!


  • Pop the hood and finish up here. Top off any reservoirs like windshield washer fluid (remember to use “winter” grade in case your heat source fails), brake fluid, and anti-freeze. Check the oil and tranny fluid. We always leave the old oil in till spring, which is when we change it for the new season of cruising, but it doesn’t hurt to change it in the fall if you prefer. Also, if your car is five years old or more and you have never ever changed the tranny fluid—change it the next time you get an oil change! The things that go bad and break if you don’t are very, very expensive—like—many thousands of dollars in the case of our Corvette! Most “good” tranny shops will also flush the whole system at the same time which is really necessary !


  • Check all your belts or your serpentine belt if that is what drives all your systems. The serpentine belt is really easy to change and, if I remember correctly, I think it costs only about $30. If it breaks because you don’t take care of it—you are dead on the road with a dead duck looking for a tow truck!


  • Finally, under the hood, put a trickle charger on your battery. The computer “thinks” all winter and it uses power all the time. It is just a pain in the butt to reprogram everything if you don’t keep it alive and well. Well—and, it doesn’t do your battery any good to be totally discharged for any length of time! We use a Battery Tender®, which is just a little 2 amp charger with a brain. It costs around the same as the belt—$30.


  • LAST THING TO DO—put your cover on, if you have a custom car cover, and, you are done! If you don’t have a custom cover, don’t wrap the car up tight with a plastic tarp because it can scratch your paint and trap moisture which is, for sure, never good! What we do with a couple of our other cars is to put moving blankets on first, and then a tarp. The moving blankets seem to eliminate the moisture problem and definitely stop the tarp from scratching the paint. I have seen them for sale at most places for about ten bucks each, and you won’t need more than two or three.


That’s about it for winterizing almost any vehicle but especially—your baby!


If you have any questions about any of this information, please feel free to call us anytime, toll free, at 1-888-697-0089. And don’t forget to check out our very own Renovo Top Renew products! Remember, we got into this business because the products are Best of Class! Right now, we are offering a FREE DETAILING KIT to anyone ordering any of our car or boat care product kits.


Let’s Play Cars !


–-Soft Top Bobby