Yacht Canvas Restored !


Thanks so very much for letting me know the retail location in Perth for your Renovo product range.

We have by now successfully applied the cleaner and conditioner products on our yachts’ dodger but are yet to do the Bimini. This has given us the opportunity to compare and contrast!

The cleaner was really effective on restoring the look and colour of both our dodger and cockpit cushions. No need for the intermediate colour restorer in our instance. The conditioner is outstanding too even though the 2nd coat hasn’t been applied! In fact getting that 2nd coat on is going to be devilishly difficult since anything wet just beads and rolls off like mercury!

I’m singing the praises of your products to all our yachtie friends. I’m so glad one of them loaned me a UK copy of “Practical Boating” in which I read some reviews and advertising material  for Renovo.

I hope you will feel encouraged to advertise here through Cruising Helmsman or the boat shows…. You’ve got a fabulous product which seems to be delivering on expectation (can’t realistically make an assessment yet on the UV protectant aspect) is easy to apply and by enabling a bit more longevity in our above deck canvass will save a lot of money!

Observing the newly waterproofed canvas side by side with our still to be treated Bimini is like a contrast of night and day. Absolutely sensational outcome!! Go Renovo!

Many thanks again.

From new fans, Eva and Brian Oldfield (cruising yacht Zofia)