Claire O’Connor

I wanted to write and say ‘THANK YOU’ for producing such fabulous products!

I have a canvas soft top and first used your Soft Top Canvas Cleaner and Ultra Proofer two years ago and I was amazed!

It did exactly what it claimed too and I was very surprised and pleased as how easy these products are to actually use. I would recommend applying the Ultra Proofer with a kitchen sponge rather than a paint brush as it is quicker and easier to apply evenly without runs.

When I first used this product my car was only two years old but after treatment the difference was still clearly visible. The cleaner really cleans deep into the fibres and lifts out all mould, dust and grime and the water proof barrier the ultra proofer leaves is fantastic the water just beads and runs off the roof plus it really does protect the canvas from mould and dirt imbedding back into the fibres.

I now use these products every 6 months to help protect the roof and keep it looking good as new!

Thank you for making such easy to use products that really do work!