Bill McEwan, New Zealand

Just a note which you may if you wish place in your “testimonials” page.

Having read about your product whilst searching for a replacement rear window for a Megane convertible on Ebay, I thought I would invest 15 pounds for your product rather than $476 NZ dollars plus P&P for a new rear window to NZ.

I must say that from placing the order over the internet on Dec 2nd it arrived in NZ on Dec 8th and I tried it that night on the rear Perspex window which was cloudy and slightly scratched. After a few applications over the past days, the window is now about 90% clear with still half a bottle left.

Thanks for a) a superb product, b) tremendous service UK-NZ in 6 days and c) an immediate rectification of a problem we have been trying to solve for 2 years.

Sincere thanks and season’s greetings