A “cloudy” SKY is “bright” again !


Hi Bob – I got your package the other day…thanks for
all the extra’s (much appreciated). I’m going to do the cleaning of the top
today. It’s nice and sunny but a little cool. I’ll see how it turns out with
the scrubbing and cleaning. I’ll take a before picture to send to you. If it
doesn’t look as good as my wife wants it to (she is the boss but don’t tell
her I said that) then I’ll be using the dye and the waterproofing
later. We’re heading on vacation for two weeks starting Monday night
so no time to dye the top until after I get back.

Bob – you won’t believe it, but the cleaner took the stain out and the top
looks like new. Even the boss agreed that it looked great! I took some pictures
which I will forward to you after I return from vacation in a couple of
weeks. I can’t thank you enough Bob for your help and the extra goodies you
sent me. I’m going to keep the bottle of dye (you never know when it may
come in handy in the future). If anyone I know ever asks about cleaning or
restoring a rag top I know who to point them to in the future. You’ll be
amazed at how the pictures turned out. Totally new look to the top. Take care
and I’ll be in touch when I get back.

Bob – I’m just back from vacation yesterday and I’m attaching the before and
after pictures for you to see. The top for the Sky looks amazing. I’m
going to put the waterproofing on today after I get back from a car
show that I’m attending in Elmira. I hope that the pictures came out clear
enough for you to see the difference. Take care and email me if you ever
need anything that I can help you out with.

Robert Cadieux

Toronto, Canada