Bad Mould and Mildew problem

Hey Bob….

Did the renewal this morning and the color this aft and evening…. Totally impressed
with the cleaner…. Soo much mold and grime came out….. Did it twice… Good
advice…. Sending a few before and after cleaning and will send others
tomorrow when dry… Awesome products… I noticed that my back Window has a four
inch gap where the roof and Window are glued together… Do you know what
product to use as a sealer or what they use to glue the soft top fabric to the
window? I know that water is leaking in….Thanks for the
adhesive advice… Found a tube at. Canadian Tire for $8.

Car is finished!!!

Did everything twice and it looks like new… Feel free to share the photos if
it helps you with. Customers GRANT

Grant B

Victoria BC Canada