Revive Your Convertible Top Today!


Renovo North America is the exclusive North American distributor, for Canada and the US, of the Soft-Top Car and Boat Care products manufactured by Renovo International UK Ltd.

Renovo International UK Ltd manufactures four main products:
  1. Cleaner
  2. Reviver
  3. Ultraproofer
  4. Plastic Window Polish

There are two main Renovo care systems:
  • Canvas - for fabric-based convertible car tops and marine covers / awnings,
  • Vinyl - for vinyl convertible car tops and vinyl covers (usually older vehicles)

Each care system has been designed for the revival, care and continued protection of canvas and vinyl covers for automotive and marine applications; for convertible car tops and for marine bimini covers etc.

The Renovo canvas and vinyl care systems are also suited to many more applications. Watch the video (5m31s) on this page for an introduction to the Renovo canvas and vinyl care system and how it will benefit you in the maintenance of your convertible car, boat or yacht.

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. Never mind spiffed up – the top looked new again, and its ability to shed water was restored”.

-David LaChance, Editor, Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car Product test, Issue 99 November 2013 page 80.

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