Renovo Automotive Canvas Reviver


Our most popular convertible top care product by far!

Although originally created for convertible tops, the Soft Top Reviver is also ideal for Boat Covers, Canvas, TwillFast and Mohair Coverings as it re-colours and reconditions them all like new!

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Product Description

Available in Black, Dark Blue, Brown, Burgundy and Green to match your convertible top’s original color.Soft top car care that will make your convertible tops like new again, great for classic and modern convertible tops. Soft Top Reviver MUST be used with Soft Top Cleaner and sealed with Ultra Proofer for lasting results.

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Before you consider a convertible top repair or replacement, try our car care products.

With our soft top care products your friends, colleagues and neighbors will think you’ve bought a new soft top!

Additional Information

Weight 1.450 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 cm

9 reviews for Renovo Automotive Canvas Reviver



    Bob, I put it on a month ago and it looks great. I have only driven car great. The top looks brand new. When I do have it washed in another month hopefully it doesn’t come off. If it stays you just saved me a lot of money for a new top.. It is a nuisance to put it on but I have to say the top looks like came out of the factory new.. I appreciate it and thanks for sending me the paint brush, etc, with the material. Mike



    Hi Bob, the project turned out nice. I have some before/after pictures I need to download sometime. But it took lots of time, started Thurs night and ended Sunday. 2 washes, 3 dyes, 2 waterproofs. And its pricey ($140). Really need a US supplier too, keep cost on shipping down.

    Just my humble.

    Have a great day !

    Rick J
    Geophysical Advisor
    International Exploration – SE Asia



    Bob, I put 2 coats of Ultra Proofer on!!!! Looks fantastic. Your process saved me $1400 that I would have spent on replacing the convertible top! The process works with a little elbow grease! I am very satisfied with Renovo Products Bob, Thank you very much!


    Karl Manke



    Hello Bob,

    I finished my top restoration project and am very happy with the results, some before and after pictures are attached. It actually looks even better than the pictures because of the flash. The job wasn’t bad to do, just a little messy. I have one suggestion and that is to caution customers more about covering areas like windows and body instead of just cleaning up. I had to spend a significant amount of time to cleanup and I don’t think I’m particularly messy. You get a lot of tiny dots from bushing the dye on, fairly easy to remove from glass and body panels, but on the rear plastic window they are very tedious to clean up. Overall, I am very happy with results, a difference of night and day for a little over $100!




    Hi Bob, thank you very much for your recommendation and advice today. Also, Thank you for the extra goodies and for sending all of this together at no extra charge for shipping. It is very nice and reassuring to deal with a retailer with first hand knowledge and experience with the product, and not to mention one who obviously is concerned and cares about the outcome and performance of the product and not just the sale. I am looking forward to using these products on my car top.

    Allison G.
    FT Worth, TX USA



    Bob, I just thought I would let you know how I applied two coats of reviver to top yesterday (brown/grey to black). Even after the first coat the results were fantastic. A lot of products claim “make like new” type comments. By jove renovo really accomplishes that. I am absolutely thrilled!

    Justin B III
    New Jersey



    Hi Bob, Thanks for speaking with me and giving me the confidence to try Renovo on my F430 Ferrari. My faded and stained burgundy top now looks like the day I bought it. Totally impressed (and relieved).

    Todd B. – LA



    Dear Bob, I will tell other RV’ers about Renovo! We re-did our awning and now it looks new and doesn’t leak anymore! We also did our faded ratty looking patio umbrella. Tadah — new again!

    Moose Jaw, Canada



    Bob, A word of praise for you and Renovo. You told me that I needed a Renovo Kit B Black for my 2004 Corvette. I ordered it but was too chicken to do it so I took the car and the kit to my detail shop, who had never heard of the product. Long story short, it turned out unbelievable! Congratulations to you, me and the detail shop! I understand they are using lots of Renovo now.

    Phoenix AZ

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