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Plastic Window Polish


Many of our customers complained about their convertible’s rear window clouding and discolouring, so we introduced our Plastic Polish.

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Product Description

Suitable for all plastic windows, Perspex®, Plexiglas®, headlight and other light lens covers, etc. You will be suprised how well it actually works. Great for items s plastic garden furniture and crash helmet visors, too!

We are being asked more and more by owners of light aircraft, boats, and yachts whether Renovo Plastic Polish can be used on their canopies and portholes. The answer is yes. In fact, we supply to a number of airports and yacht clubs/marinas.

Question: Why does my window, canopy or porthole cloud up?

  • For convertible cars, every time the soft-top is folded, microscopic scratches are formed on the window’s plastic (PerspexⓇ) rear window. This causes the window to become cloudy and difficult to see through.
  • For light aircraft, the high speed of dust, rain, and hail hitting the canopy is enough to ensure it isn’t long before scratches hinder vision, particularly in strong sunlight.
  • For boat and yacht plastic windows and portholes, salt water erosion is the main culprit that damages transparency.

Renovo’s amazing liquid Plastic Window Polish does the following:

  • Restores transparency, removing 100% of cloudiness from plastic car windows and similar products.
  • Reduces scratches and staining.
  • Polishes plastic headlight lenses to “like-new” clarity.
  • Cleans and conditions in minutes.

Plastic Window Polish is simple to apply: just polish it on and polish it off!

Additional Information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 cm

6 reviews for Plastic Window Polish



    Bob, I finally removed my hardtop and restored the soft top on my 2000 proche yesterday. I wanted to write and tell you that I am more than pleased with the Renovo products. The black top looks brand new now and the plastic window is no longer yellow – I can see through it! Very pleased with the products and the brushes and clothes in the kit make it an easy job. Thanks again.

    Phil Clark



    I just finished working on my window and the results are fantastic. My window was not in terrible shape but it had those little abrasions in it from riding the boot when the top is down, no more! Your window polish took them out. I am sending the pictures I took after the job was finished. See attachments. I will be showing it off at the next meeting or show.

    Thanks Bob,




    Hi, Renovo’s Plastic Window Polish is beginning to establish itself as an aviation product for cleaning and polishing perspex canopies and windshields. The light aeroplane windshield quickly loses the clarity it had when new once its been dusted, washed down and flown through variable air conditions. Microscopic scratches eventually make it a challenge to land into a setting sun. Renovo Plastic Polish can fix that. Renovo also makes a cleaner which removes bird-droppings, salt, leaf gum and general gunge from an aircraft cover without harming its water proofing; an ultra proofer which reproofs the cover, contains an ultraviolet inhibitor and resists mould and mildew; and a colour Reviver to smarten up the appearance of your parked machine.



    Bob, the rear plastic window on my 24’ Bayliner was shot! I couldn’t see anything but shapes through it. I couldn’t see anything if I was backing up into the sun toward a berth. Renovo Plastic Polish didn’t bring it back 100% but it brought it back 90%. After all the plastic is 14 years old! I can see almost perfectly now. You saved me hundreds of dollars!



    Bob, I hope these pictures work. That is a phone book inside my back window in the 1st pic. You can hardly tell. I applied 3 coats of the Renovo Plastic Window Polish to the inside and outside. Now you can actually read the phonebook through the plastic. Hey, a product that actually does what it says! Thanks!

    Lodi, New Jersey



    Bob, Just for fun (I didn’t think anything would work). I tried your plastic polish on my little piper airplane windscreen. These little planes get sandblasted by prop wash and jet streams while in the air. When flying VFR, visual flight rules, you really have to be able to see. I could not see anything if I was landing into the sun. Very very dangerous! The polish worked wonders on my perspex windshield and saved me about $4000! Good work!

    Major John Aitkens
    Sacremento, CA

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