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Renovo Fabric Auto Soft Top Kit C


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THE MAINTENANCE PACK for fabric tops. If your top is ‘good’, this is the best and safest way to keep it that way. The wonderful cleaner will renew the ‘punch’ to your color and the Ultra Proofer seals it in. Ultra Proofer is like Sun Screen for your top. It provides UV protection, inhibits mould & mildew and waterproofs your top so that water ‘beads off’ just like your hood just like it is supposed to!

Fabric Kit “C” contains:

500ml Canvas Cleaner
1000ml Ultraproofer

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Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 cm

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    Thanks so much again for your great product, your concern for seeing a job done right, your kindness, and your great advice.

    Kent Schrader

    Fredericksburg, VA, USA



    Hi Bob, the project turned out nice. I have some before/after pictures I need to download sometime. But it took lots of time, started Thurs night and ended Sunday. 2 washes, 3 dyes, 2 waterproofs. And its pricey ($140). Really need a US supplier too, keep cost on shipping down.

    Just my humble.

    Have a great day !

    Rick J
    Geophysical Advisor
    International Exploration – SE Asia



    Hi Bob,
    Thanks! There actually wasn’t too much difference in colour and not much green or brown came out in the cleaning phase. I guess the previous owners were kind to it. But boy, does the water bead up nicely now! Far better than before. The water looks like little jewels against the black roof. I did take a before shot, and wills end it to you later today in case you can use it.
    Best wishes,



    Bob, I have been using Renovo for several years and I purchased it before off of I have several cars that I apply the product to but they are all VW. I have a 2006 VW & 1969 VW convertible and I have a 1969 VW KOMBI with a fabric slider that I waterproof.

    The results are completely outstanding and I found you on the Internet after going to the Renovo website and going to the authorized distributors for N.America page and selecting you guys. I could almost swear that I have purchased from you guys before but not a large order. My cars are not daily drivers.

    Thanks for your personal touch, I am a car guy and I appreciate good communications. I am waiting for the Proofer to get another coat down on the convertibles. Super product…cannot say enough about the cleaner and proofer with UV protection.

    Murray Custom Cars
    New York



    Hey Bob,

    Thanks so much for the “care package” you sent me along with the Ultra Proofer for my 2002 Saab 9-3! This past weekend I finally decided to finish “proofing” my convertible top…What a great experience!

    The instructions / tips you gave were spot on. I had already used the Canvas Cleaner to prep my top. It turned out that I had just enough Ultra Proofer to do the job – with the 500ml bottle I already had plus the second bottle I ordered from you – there was just enough for two coats. It did a beautiful job and went on just as you said it would. I’ve attached a picture of my 11 year old car with its original top – looking like new!

    It hasn’t rained yet so I haven’t seen the “proofing” in action yet but I have what may be an even better story to pass along to you about how powerful the Ultra Proofer must be!

    When I “proofed” my convertible top on Saturday, I applied the proofer after pouring it into an empty one gallon plastic ice cream tub. After finishing the job, I wanted to reuse the tub so I rinsed it out and scrubbed it very thoroughly (for several minutes and vigorously) with a washcloth, lots of soap, and very hot water. I then took the soap-filled washcloth and scrubbed out the inside of the lid as well. After rinsing, I noticed that water on the inside of the lid beaded up like water on a freshly waxed car. Even after being filled with lots of soap and suds, used for scrubbing, and then rinsed with hot water, the washcloth still had some Ultra Proofer in it that was still able to “wax” the ice cream tub lid! The proof came when I flipped the lid over and ran water on the outside of the lid – totally different – there was no beading of water at all!

    At this point, I can’t wait till it rains! Dry at last!

    Sheila O.



    Hello, you told me that many Saabs are leaking for some reason but that Renovo can stop the leaks. My 9-3 is now dry as a bone. Also thanks for the mechanical tip. I found that my right side was leaking fluid was leaking fluid after you mentioned it. Could have been bad!

    Janet Z.



    Hi Bob, I want to open my apologies for not getting back to you in a more timely manner. I won’t bore you with the reasons, suffice it to say a lot was going on. Since we last spoke I have had the opportunity to recommend your products to a number of convertible owners. As we suspected, the Raggtop conditioner was the problem. After I scrubbed the tops with your cleaner and hot water I applied two coats of waterproofing product and SUCCESS!!! I want to tell you again how much I appreciate your willingness to stand behind the Renovo product line. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly rare to find someone who has the kind of customer support and integrity that you have afforded to me. My best wishes for continued success.
    -Robin Adair



    Dear Bob, I will tell other RV’ers about Renovo! We re-did our awning and now it looks new and doesn’t leak anymore! We also did our faded ratty looking patio umbrella. Tadah — new again!

    Moose Jaw, Canada



    Bob, Thought I’d tell you a story. I have a big old 59 caddy with a custom made ragtop. It is white. We went to a grad bush party in it one night which was a big mistake. The morning after when I looked at my car I nearly died. There was black soot from the bonfire all over it. Eleven different girls had left me lipstick reminders and somebody had poured dark rum on it too. What a total mess. After talking to you I tried the Renovo Cleaner and Sealer. There were tears in my eyes while I was applying the cleaner! Then, the real tears started, Renovo totally cleaned my top unbelievable! Tears of joy and gratitude Bob!

    Murray – Grand Rapids MI



    Hi Bob, As you know our limousine tops were in bad shape. Some are cloth and some are vinyl. Renovo Dye made the cloth ones new looking again! The Renovo Vinyl Cleaner is a thing of beauty. We totally cleaned up our white tops to look new. We have 3 black stretch limos with vinyl that had turned almost gray. Your suggestion to use the Forever Black top kit saved us about $2000 per vehicle. They look brand new now!

    Summer Limo Co.

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