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Renovo Fabric Auto Soft Top Kit B


This kit has quickly becoming our “Best Seller”. It has all the same great stuff as our big Kit “A” but without the Plastic Window Cleaner. It “miracle” cleans neglected fabric tops, Revives the color and provides Ultimate Protection from UV damage, Mould & Mildew and then waterproofs so that your top “beads water” just like your hood!

Available in Black, Dark Blue, Brown, Green and Burgundy to match your convertible top’s original color!
Fabric Kit “B” contains:

500ml Canvas Cleaner
1000ml Canvas Reviver
1000ml Ultraproofer

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Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 cm

11 reviews for Renovo Fabric Auto Soft Top Kit B


    (verified owner):

    Bob, I put it on a month ago and it looks great. I have only driven car great. The top looks brand new. When I do have it washed in another month hopefully it doesn’t come off. If it stays you just saved me a lot of money for a new top.. It is a nuisance to put it on but I have to say the top looks like came out of the factory new.. I appreciate it and thanks for sending me the paint brush, etc, with the material. Mike


    (verified owner):

    Hi Bob,
    I’ve finished my project and herewith attach photos. Pix with no label are before, pix with 1 label (printed with letter “C” for “Cleaned”) are cleaned with Renovo Cleaner, and pix w/ 2 labels (one with “C” and one with “UP” for Ultra Proofer) are cleaned and waterproofed/sealed with Renovo Ultra Proofer. After cleaning the color was very good – like new – so the colorant wasn’t used, so I went directly to applying the Ultra Proofer.
    I’m pleased with the outcome of the cleaning, the black just pops out. Unfortunately the photos don’t know that very well. I’m waiting for the time when I drive the car in the rain to see how the waterproofing works but I think it will be just great as well.
    Your additional verbal and written instructions were helpful, especially your comment about expecting the 2nd coat of Ultra Proofer being harder to put on because the first coat wants to resist the liquid. Also, your comment about the cleaner taking a long time to rinse off led me to be patient and take the time to really rinse thoroughly. Thanks for the extra personal service and for the extra goodies in the box like the gloves, brushes and very absorbent towels.
    When you have time I would like to discuss further the business side of your interest in establishing a US/Pacific Northwest dealer. My questions go in the direction of specifics on how one would make a profit selling the product. Specifically, would it be a buy/re-sell arrangement? Stocking? Wholesale discounts? Commission Etc. How have you set up the agreement with your east coast dealers?
    Meantime, best regards and thank you for a good product!

    Michael Shorb – Illinois


    (verified owner):

    Bob, I put 2 coats of Ultra Proofer on!!!! Looks fantastic. Your process saved me $1400 that I would have spent on replacing the convertible top! The process works with a little elbow grease! I am very satisfied with Renovo Products Bob, Thank you very much!


    Karl Manke


    (verified owner):

    I would like to express how pleased I am with your product. The results were fantastic. The hood on my Z4 was quite faded but now it looks brand new as you can see from the pictures. I would recommend it without a doubt to anyone with a convertible. This truly is an outstanding product and very easy to use.
    Thank you,
    George E.
    Fort Worth, TX USA


    (verified owner):

    Hello Bob,

    I finished my top restoration project and am very happy with the results, some before and after pictures are attached. It actually looks even better than the pictures because of the flash. The job wasn’t bad to do, just a little messy. I have one suggestion and that is to caution customers more about covering areas like windows and body instead of just cleaning up. I had to spend a significant amount of time to cleanup and I don’t think I’m particularly messy. You get a lot of tiny dots from bushing the dye on, fairly easy to remove from glass and body panels, but on the rear plastic window they are very tedious to clean up. Overall, I am very happy with results, a difference of night and day for a little over $100!



    (verified owner):

    Hi Bob, thank you very much for your recommendation and advice today. Also, Thank you for the extra goodies and for sending all of this together at no extra charge for shipping. It is very nice and reassuring to deal with a retailer with first hand knowledge and experience with the product, and not to mention one who obviously is concerned and cares about the outcome and performance of the product and not just the sale. I am looking forward to using these products on my car top.

    Allison G.
    FT Worth, TX USA


    (verified owner):

    Bob, that Renovo Soft Top Cleaner is something else! It brought back about 3 shades of color depth and brightness. So much that I didn’t even have to use the dye that you sent! It looks like new!

    Phil P.


    (verified owner):

    Hi Bob, As you know our limousine tops were in bad shape. Some are cloth and some are vinyl. Renovo Dye made the cloth ones new looking again! The Renovo Vinyl Cleaner is a thing of beauty. We totally cleaned up our white tops to look new. We have 3 black stretch limos with vinyl that had turned almost gray. Your suggestion to use the Forever Black top kit saved us about $2000 per vehicle. They look brand new now!

    Summer Limo Co.


    (verified owner):

    Bob, A word of praise for you and Renovo. You told me that I needed a Renovo Kit B Black for my 2004 Corvette. I ordered it but was too chicken to do it so I took the car and the kit to my detail shop, who had never heard of the product. Long story short, it turned out unbelievable! Congratulations to you, me and the detail shop! I understand they are using lots of Renovo now.

    Phoenix AZ


    (verified owner):

    Hi Bob… Thanks for the adhesive advice… Found a tube at Canadian Tire for $8. Car is finished!!! Did everything twice and it looks like new…Feel free to share the photos if it helps you with customers.



    (verified owner):

    Thanks so very much for letting me know the retail location in Perth for your Renovo product range. We have by now successfully applied the cleaner and conditioner products on our yachts’ dodger but are yet to do the Bimini. This has given us the opportunity to compare and contrast! The cleaner was really effective on restoring the look and colour of both our dodger and cockpit cushions. No need for the intermediate colour restorer in our instance. The conditioner is outstanding too, even though the 2nd coat hasn’t been applied! In fact getting that 2nd coat on is going to be devilishly difficult since anything wet just beads and rolls off like mercury! I’m singing the praises of your products to all our yachtie friends. I’m so glad one of them loaned me a UK copy of “Practical Boating” in which I read some reviews and advertising material for Renovo. I hope you will feel encouraged to advertise here through Cruising Helmsman or the boat shows… You’ve got a fabulous product which seems to be delivering on expectation (can’t realistically make an assessment yet on the UV protectant aspect) is easy to apply and by enabling a bit more longevity in our above deck canvass will save a lot of money! Observing the newly waterproofed canvas side by side with our still to be treated Bimini is like a contrast of night and day. Absolutely sensational outcome!! Go Renovo! Many thanks again.

    From new fans, Eva and Brian Oldfield (cruising yacht Zofia)

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