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Renovo Fabric Soft Top Kit

After a not particularly savvy thief slashed the convertible top of my 1999 Saab 9-3 SE

last summer, the insurance company paid to have my old top replaced with—guess

what?—another used top in about the same condition (pre-slash, that is). It was serviceable,

but the black fabric had begun to fade, and the waterproofing had long since


I thought I might spiff up the roof’s appearance, and discovered Renovo’s Fabric Soft

Top Kit A, which includes a liter of Soft Top Reviver, 500ml of Dry Cleaner Shampoo,

a liter of Ultra Proofer and 100ml of Plastic Window Polish, as well as brushes for

applying the materials. All that I needed to supply was a couple of plastic buckets, a

hose and some elbow grease.

The kit was easy to use, and the directions were clear and concise. The project took

the better part of a day, allowing for working time for the shampoo and drying time

for the two coats of Reviver and the one coat of Ultra Proofer. I did manage to get

some drops of the Reviver onto the yellow

paint, but it wiped away with a damp cloth.

The window polish I didn’t use, as the Saab’s

is made of glass.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with

the results. Never mind spiffed up—the top

looked new again, and its ability to shed

water was restored. Cost: $139

–By David LaChance


Practical Classics


Cloth hoods add a touch of class to open cars, but over a period they tend to fade and look shabby. Now they can be given a new lease of life and returned to their original colour with RENOVO Hood Reviver.

It can be used on canvas, double duck or mohair hoods, but is not suitable for vinyl.
We tried our Hood Reviver on a badly faded 30 year old canvas hood and found that two applications were necessary to complete the coverage. One litre would seem to be sufficient for two coats on most four -seater tourers.
 It makes a hood look new again.

Jaguar enthusiast


RENOVO have come up with some excellent products for those of us pestered with dirty and grubby convertible hoods.

First there’s Hood Reviver for double duck, canvas or mohair soft tops. It helps renovate discoloured and faded hoods and comes in either black, dark blue or brown for a simple brush on or sponge application. It dries quickly and within an hour a second coat can be applied to bring up the lustre of the original hood condition.

Then there’s Plastic Window Cleaner to offset some of the problems normally associated with this type of window in convertibles. As the hood folds down scratches occur from microscopic canvas friction marks. With the new cleaner these marks can be polished out, which can also reduce significantly the cloudiness that is also common with this type of rear screen.

This is not a miracle cleaner so it does not work on screens that are so severely scratched that you can’t see out of them, but as the photos show, it can work very well if applied correctly and carefully.

The Mirror


If YOUR convertible hood looks a bit tired, there’s no need to buy a new one. For £48 I got a kit of hood reviver, proofer, dry cleaner and even a polish to remove scratches and cloudiness from the plastic back window.

An afternoon’s work and the hood on my Merc SL now looks brand new. Just as well, since a new one is two-grand territory.

Auto Express


Designed to be applied after the Renovo Reviver to restore the water-proof barrier and repel stains. As with the dye it is brushed on and allowed to cry and again it worked well. When hosed down it repelled water strongly initially and did so for longer than its rivals.

Conclusion: It’s the first time we’ve tested Renovo’s products and they performed well. If your roof has the specific problems the Reviver and Ultra Proofer deal with, give them a try.

Owners Quantum Club

“A Solution to the Faded Hood Problem”

Renovo Hood Reviver…. “the end result is quite outstanding! You can’t see any residue on the surface, the colour is completely even and if in the long-term durability is as good as they claim (no cracking and a special sealer prevents fading) then this is one product which is worthy of its advertising (and believe me for cynical advertising man to say that; it has to be good!)”

Kit car


Our Quantum 2+2 was needed on display at the Chatham Show, and the only part of the car that did not look good as new was the hood.

For appearances sake we decided to treat it with Hood Reviver.

It was a simple enough task. We chose a warm spring day and started by brushing the hood with a stiff clothes brush to remove any dust, then simply painted on the Hood Reviver with a two inch brush.

After removing the masking tape we stood back to admire the results. The car looked great with a hood as good as new and all ready for the Chatham Show.

Classic Motor


The packaging says “The definitive Plastic Window Polish”

Oh yeah? Well actually, if not THE definitive polish (I struggle to award 10 out of 10, it’s pretty darned close to it ….probably 9.5 out of 10.

It’s quite rare that I test a product that’s as good as it boasts, especially when, like RENOVO’s, those boasts are plastered all over the bottle.

But, bless me, RENOVO works. Not only does it remove scratches from perspex and plastic rear hood windows, it’s easy to do.