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RENOVO have come up with some excellent products for those of us pestered with dirty and grubby convertible hoods.

First there’s Hood Reviver for double duck, canvas or mohair soft tops. It helps renovate discoloured and faded hoods and comes in either black, dark blue or brown for a simple brush on or sponge application. It dries quickly and within an hour a second coat can be applied to bring up the lustre of the original hood condition.

Then there’s Plastic Window Cleaner to offset some of the problems normally associated with this type of window in convertibles. As the hood folds down scratches occur from microscopic canvas friction marks. With the new cleaner these marks can be polished out, which can also reduce significantly the cloudiness that is also common with this type of rear screen.

This is not a miracle cleaner so it does not work on screens that are so severely scratched that you can’t see out of them, but as the photos show, it can work very well if applied correctly and carefully.