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Renovo Fabric Soft Top Kit

After a not particularly savvy thief slashed the convertible top of my 1999 Saab 9-3 SE

last summer, the insurance company paid to have my old top replaced with—guess

what?—another used top in about the same condition (pre-slash, that is). It was serviceable,

but the black fabric had begun to fade, and the waterproofing had long since


I thought I might spiff up the roof’s appearance, and discovered Renovo’s Fabric Soft

Top Kit A, which includes a liter of Soft Top Reviver, 500ml of Dry Cleaner Shampoo,

a liter of Ultra Proofer and 100ml of Plastic Window Polish, as well as brushes for

applying the materials. All that I needed to supply was a couple of plastic buckets, a

hose and some elbow grease.

The kit was easy to use, and the directions were clear and concise. The project took

the better part of a day, allowing for working time for the shampoo and drying time

for the two coats of Reviver and the one coat of Ultra Proofer. I did manage to get

some drops of the Reviver onto the yellow

paint, but it wiped away with a damp cloth.

The window polish I didn’t use, as the Saab’s

is made of glass.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with

the results. Never mind spiffed up—the top

looked new again, and its ability to shed

water was restored. Cost: $139

–By David LaChance