Plastic Window Polish

Application Instructions

Please note: This polish can be used to clean and condition solid acrylic plastic (Perspex®, Plexiglas®) as well as flexible plastic, but is not suitable for use on glass.

  1. Before applying Renovo Plastic Window Polish, ensure the window is clean and free from dust particles by washing it with a soft cloth and warm water only. Do not use detergents on plastic windows.
  2. Thoroughly shake the Renovo Plastic Window Polish.
  3. Pour a little Renovo Plastic Window Polish on a soft cotton cloth. Apply the polish with a little pressure, using circular movements. Rub in well. Apply more pressure on areas which are more scratched. It is best to add small quantities of polish frequently rather than a large amount all at once, until the whole window has been covered.
  4.  Allow the polish to dry.
  5. Buff the excess polish off, using a fresh clean, soft cloth.
  6. Repeat if necessary.
  7. For best results, polish both the exterior and interior window surfaces.
  8. Renovo Plastic Window Polish will not remove inherent clarity defects. It removes surface scratching and yellowing. Properly applied, it makes your car window look like new, with the added advantage that now you can see through it again!