Canvas Ultra Proofer Instructions



2 or 3″ clean paint brush – Clean, small pail or container – Wipe up cloth.

Please note: It is advisable to test on an inconspicuous area prior to use, as some colours may appear lighter or darker after application.

  1. Dry brush the soft-top to remove any loose dust/dirt and pour Ultra Proofer into a suitable container/bowl.
  2.  Apply Ultra Proofer with a new 2” or 3” paintbrush ensuring that the fabric Soft Top is completely covered. It is best to commence application in the centre of the soft-top and as quickly as possible progress towards the front and the back of the soft-top on each side. Brush it on with a “quiet” brush, in other words, try to avoid bubbles from brushing too hard and fast. Wipe excess drips from paintwork, trims and glass with a damp cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight, as this will cause the Ultra Proofer to dry out too quickly and produce an uneven result!***Depending on the condition of the top a litre of Ultra Proofer is usually sufficient for at least the recommended two coats on an average size soft-top. (ie: 4’X5’) It is important to allow Ultra Proofer to dry between coats.
  3.  Allow the top to dry for approximately three hours, this will depend on the drying conditions. The Ultra Proofer may dry out more quickly if it is a warm day and may take longer to dry if it is a damp day! Do not take car out in rain/wet weather until the Ultra Proofer has completely dried. The soft-top is now water and stain repellent, will resist the growth of mould/mildew and is protected from harmful Ultra Violet rays. To ensure best possible weatherproof protection we advise that Ultra Proofer is applied approximately every six months!

BOB’S TIP: Really “soak” the first coat in thoroughly ! This is a water-based product so, the first coat will try to “fight off” or “repel” the second coat ! The second coat WILL go in however and it is WELL worth the extra effort !

WARNING : Car washes use some really nasty stuff to remove dirt fast ! Their chemical detergents and high pressureWILL REMOVE WATER-PROOFING! Don’t take your convertible through them or use high pressure “wand washes” as they can easily cut the threads in your seams. Not Good! A simple garden hose or hand wash your top is all you need because Ultra Proofer doesn’t let stuff “stick” or “bake-in” to your fabric top anyway !