Canvas Reviver Instructions


Soft Top Reviver Application Instructions.

Do not dilute or mix Reviver with any other product. Damage could result.

  1. Ensure that the soft-top is dry and free from grease, dirt and previous waterproof coatings by thoroughly cleaning with Renovo Soft-Top Canvas Cleaner.
  2. Note: To use Reviver without cleaning first voids your product warranty. Unless the top is cleaned the Reviver cannot penetrate it and simply will not work.
  3.  Tape off snaps and buttons.
  4.  Pour Reviver into a suitable container/bowl. Stir well prior to application.
  5.   Apply Reviver with a new 2 to 3 inch paintbrush using slow (to avoid bubbles) even strokes across the soft-top. It is best to commence application in the center of the soft-top and as quickly as possible progress towards each side, the front and the back of the soft-top. Wipe excess drips from paintwork, trims and glass with a damp cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight, as this will cause the Reviver to dry out too quickly and produce an uneven result!Depending on the condition of the top a litre of Reviver is usually sufficient for two coats on an average size (20 sq ft) soft-top. It is important to allow Reviver to dry between coats. Always ensure that you have enough Reviver to coat the soft-top completely and that you will not run out half way through application! 1 litre should cover approx 40 sq ft once. Renovo recommends applying at least two or more coats to achieve greater depth of colour on badly faded tops. Some badly stained tops need 3 to 4 coats to cover. Reviver can also be applied in the same way as above to the fabric on the interior of the top.
  6.  Allow the top to dry for approximately three hours, this will depend on the drying conditions. Do not take the car out in rain/wet weather until the Reviver has completely dried and Ultra Proofer has been applied to re-waterproof the fabric. We advise that to prolong the life of the re-color provided by Reviver, you should allow 24 hours drying time before applying Renovo Ultra Proofer.