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VH1 Corvettes finally resurface

The Peter Max Corvettes in the summer of 2014. Photos by Richard Prince, courtesy of Richard Prince Photography.   After a 25-year slumber, the VH1 […]

Why are C5 Corvettes are Faster than C6s and C7s?

Wouldn’t you think that new versions of products are typically built to be stronger, faster, and overall better than their previous versions? It wasn’t until […]

Shark Tooth Grille

How would you like to be driving down the highway with a set of stainless steel Shark Tooth Grilles on you Corvette Stingray? Mind you, […]

Number Comparison Shows Why New Z06 Will Dominate

Now, that we’ve got a pretty good idea of where the new Z06 will come in on that sticker price, we probably have a better […]

Renovo and Forever Black present a 200-mph Corvette!

Hi, everybody, and Merry Christmas to you all! I have a little easy reading for you, and a video that will leave you a little […]