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The End of an Era for Manual Transmissions?

According to the head of BMW M”The future doesn’t look bright for manual transmissions” Research shows that the DCT [dual-clutch transmission] and auto ‘boxes are […]

This is the final Porsche 918 Spyder

On June 19 305, Porsche confirmed that the very last 918 Spyder has been built! You’ll know by now that the hyper-hybrid Porsche features a 4.6-litre, race-derived […]

VH1 Corvettes finally resurface

The Peter Max Corvettes in the summer of 2014. Photos by Richard Prince, courtesy of Richard Prince Photography.   After a 25-year slumber, the VH1 […]

Why are C5 Corvettes are Faster than C6s and C7s?

Wouldn’t you think that new versions of products are typically built to be stronger, faster, and overall better than their previous versions? It wasn’t until […]

The 14 Most Awesome Convertibles Ever Built

I recently came across an article about the “14 Top Most Awesome Convertibles Ever Built” found on     He definitely has some interesting […]