How Can You Re-Dye a Dodger or a Boat Top?

Hello everybody! Although this article targets Dodgers, you can use this method and these products to smarten up the color of anything cloth or canvas that the Sun has faded or bleached out. Things like sail covers, hatch covers, radar covers, railing covers, lifeboat and Seadoo covers, umbrellas, deck furniture and upholstery and – – – well, you get the picture.

OK, let’s get started!dodger

What you will need to start your job;

  • Masking tape to cover all your chrome snaps and hardware
  • Water and a pail, rubber gloves
  • New paint brush, scrub brush or deck brush
  • A friend and refreshments!
  • Renovo Soft Top Canvas Cleaner, Renovo Reviver (dye) and Renovo Soft Top Canvas Ultra Proofer

Now, it is always best if you can take your canvas off and work on it on the dock or a floor but this job can also be done while the dodger is in place if you can get at it easily from on deck.


Wet down all canvas with a hose or a bucket. Lightly scrub in the cleaner with the scrub brush just until it begins to foam. Do this over the whole canvas and then let it sit for 30 minutes to work! Now, get a pail of very hot water and begin scrubbing the canvas until it really begins to foam and remove dirt. Once the whole canvas has been done like this, hose it off thoroughly and allow to dry.


Shake or stir a liter of Renovo Reviver dye ( available in 5 colors) and pour it into a small pail. MAKE SURE you have taped your chrome snaps and hardware! Using a new 3″ or 4″ paint brush begin “painting” the dye on like you are painting a fence. This is dye though so it sinks right in and doesn’t  just sit on the surface. Do the whole surface this way and let dry completely. TWO coats are nearly always required and, depending on the actual material and age, 3 or more coats may be required for even coverage. Each coat MUST be left to dry completely.


Shake a liter of Ultra Proofer and pour into a suitable container. Begin applying the Ultra Proofer with the same 4″ paint brush and continue until you have done one coat. Let dry very thoroughly. ALWAYS apply a second coat. The Ultra Proofer is water-based so the first coat tries to fight off this second coat. You can get the second coat in easily enough but it just takes a little more effort and is well worth the effort! Let this second coat dry and YOU ARE DONE !

I have mentioned the RENOVO product line specifically because there is no other option when it comes to Dye. The Renovo cleaner is MANDATORY for the whole dye job to work – – – – period! The Ultra Proofer would be the only place you could use a different water-proofer but, why would you, when Renovo is quite honestly better and longer lasting than anything else out there at present!dodgers

So that’s it! You now have a beautiful new looking Dodger that is pretty much “bullet proof” when it comes to the elements! The re-waterproofing should be maintained at least yearly. When the Ultra Proofer is new, it will bead water like a duck’s back. After a couple of months in the sun it no longer “surface beads” but remains totally waterproof for up to a year!

I hope this helps you in your search for “pride of ownership” and your quest to stay dry !

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Soft Top Bobby