About Us

Soft Top BobbyWHAT WE DO: Convertible Top Renew is the North American distributor of Renovo® Car Care and Marine products. Renovo® Car Care products are the only products exclusively recommended by many fine car makers for restoration and maintenance of your convertible’s top, and Renovo® Marine products are their equal in excellence! Renovo® products restore your convertible top, boat cover and canopy, awning, and other heavy fabric products. After treatment your fabric or vinyl soft top will look brand-new, and be completely waterproof. Renovo products are the best available for cleaning and restoring convertible tops, boat canopies and covers, and awnings. Complete the best possible frame for your fine car with Forever BLACK ™ Tire Gel and Bumper and Trim Cleaner, and other “black” restoration products. WHO WE ARE (AND WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO): I brought Renovo® to North America because my baby, my 2002 Corvette Roadster convertible, was in perfect condition except for the soft top. I am a Corvette Nut! and I just couldn’t stand to see that sad convertible top on my beautiful baby. After considerable research on how to fix it, I found Renovo®, ordered a soft top kit, paid $103.00 to ship it from the UK, and eagerly waited a very long 32 days for delivery. After I finally worked up the courage to actually put the stuff on, my restored canvas soft top looked just as new as as the one on my neighbor’s late-model ‘Vette, and the waterproofing definitely rivaled his! I wanted to share this great discovery but I had experienced the delivery time and cost as disgustingly painful. There were no better options for shipping the product, so I obtained the North American distributorship for Renovo®. That’s right, Convertible Top Renew is the only source on the North American continent for the product exclusively recommended by fine European car makers for convertible top care. And… delivery will not cost you $103.00, with our discounted, flat-rate shipping and handling fee of $14.99. To order, call our toll-free number, 1-888-697-0089, or order online, here at toprenew.com. When you’re finished making yourself happy with your convertible’s great new look, LET’S PLAY CARS! –Soft Top Bobby