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RE-DYE a Limo or Landau Roof the EASY Way!

  Hi Everybody! Well, if you own a Limo company, an old personal use Limo or even an older Cadillac or Lincoln, chances are that […]

What Can I Do About a Faded Canvas RV Awning

  Hi Everybody! If your RV’s awnings are faded from the sun and look— well—terrible, what can you do? —Buy new ones, comes to mind! […]

Proper Care of a Porsche Convertible Top

PORSCHE – Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything! Ha! Mr. Ferdinand Porsche founded Porsche in 1931. In 1934, the German government asked Mr. Porsche to […]

Recomended Care for BMW Convertible Tops

Hello everybody! BIMMERS! They are gorgeous and they have been around since 1928. The first one was called a Dixi. These first bimmers were powered by a […]